While I’ve been designing games, game scenarios, and game modifications for decades now, Crimson SandsTM is my first attempt to publish one for a mass audience.

Reading numerous blogs and listening to podcasts encouraged David and I to form North Quarter Games and take the plunge. So much practical advice to achieve designer success were made by Jamie Stonemaier, James Mathe, Seth Jaffe, Gabe Barrett and many other notable gamers.

Hopefully the positive opinion of my various games groups over the years will be shared by the public at large. Fingers crossed. We already have 15 great game concepts we’ve identified as potential projects, all with rule sets in various stages of development.

Crimson Sands was selected as our first game for a variety of reasons.  It has a very strong theme of defending versus dune raiders plus some unique mechanics, a variety of play styles, and a nice balance between strategy and random chance.   And of course, little dinosaurs!

After we complete private play-testing phase of game development, there will be public play-testing and the Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial publishing run.  Dave and I will be posting some play-test results and design discussions as we go, including how you can sign up for a session if interested.    

The biggest challenge of the past year has been to keep myself from throwing too much complexity into Crimson Sands. Every day, I find myself getting excited for a new concept to introduce to the game.  But at least 60% of the time I shelve the idea. While we want a fairly deep experience for players, we want to achieve that without overwhelming, complex rules. Some of the more interesting ideas are being saved for potential future use (optional rules, stretch goals, and expansions) and we will respect potential adjustments recommended by Kickstarter backers.

Future blog posts will delve into more news and details of the game and the company, but hopefully this will suffice for now. Likewise, as we get closer to the Kickstarter campaign and eventual production, Dave will be writing about that.

Have fun out there…

— Allan