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Two Distinct Styles of Play

As mentioned in the earlier blog, we aspire to a “mid-Atlantic” gaming experience for Crimson Sands. The primary way we are trying to achieve this is by allowing two distinct styles of play: build or battle. For example, it is possible, with a careful approach, to win the entire game of Crimson Sands avoiding all […]

A Mid-Atlantic Desert

I have often told people that Crimson Sands aspires to be a Mid-Atlantic Game. The inevitable question is then what does that mean? Particularly since it is designed here in the Pacific Northwest and is set in a very dry part of a fantasy world. By “Mid-Atlantic” I mean that it is intended to incorporate […]

Introducing Crimson Sands and North Quarter Games

While I’ve been designing games, game scenarios, and game modifications for decades now, Crimson SandsTM is my first attempt to publish one for a mass audience. Reading numerous blogs and listening to podcasts encouraged David and I to form North Quarter Games and take the plunge. So much practical advice to achieve designer success were […]